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How to insert a new location:

  1. Click on link "Additional Location"
  2. Follow the instructions (Be aware, that all entries should be in English and name and address in particular are written correctly).
  3. Save your input.

How to upload a picture:

  1. Go to the club (until "details").
  2. Click on the square designated for the picture or on the link "Pics - upload".
  3. Use "start upload" to transfer it to the website (this might take some time).
  4. Your picture should have a minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

How to insert a new city:

Contributing a new area is not possible for you. We are not doubting your ability to find and insert correctly an interesting city, but this is a right we want to reserve for us. However you can suggest your idea by sending us an e-mail using the link Additional Area.

Most occuring problems:

  • My input is not accepted when I try to save it:
    Make sure that "Country" and "Metropolitan Area" are written coincidently to an already existing version (which is proposed as soon as you have written the first letters)
  • The music style / club type I'm looking for is not listed:
    Sorry Dude. We can not recite all of them. Use a related one or send us an e-mail to with your suggestions.

Other problems:

Send us an e-mail to with your questions or suggestions.